Recognize and Conquer Self-Pity and Depression

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The spirit of self-pity is a spirit that will bind you to your past and not allow you to move into your future. When self-pity is a focus, then depression follows. The persistence of that spirit is to keep you from fulfilling your God-ordained purpose. Another way of looking at it is you are living in the land of hopelessness, regret, and defeat. Self-pity has made its home in negative thinking and keeps you feeling sorry for yourself; therefore, your purpose will not be fulfilled.

The enemy was there when bad events happened in your life and keeps reminding you of all the injustice and hurt. Why!?! He wants to build strongholds in your mind; such as rejection, fear, insecurity, unforgiveness, and self-unforgiveness. Those negative thoughts will manifest as self-hatred, hopelessness, being hard on self, and/or not allowing you to forgive yourself from past mistakes. Or negative thoughts will replay what others have done to you to keep you from forgiving those who hurt you. This creates a spirit of self-pity, depression of heaviness, and oppression. You’re under attack of the enemy who does not want you free and will keep you locked in your past pains and misery.

What is Self-Pity

Young girl depressed

It is a demon or familiar spirit that knows what has happened to you and projects fiery darts in your mind. “The devil is a liar and the father of lies,” John 8:44. The more that demon gets you to replay the hurt the stronger the stronghold becomes. You are in bondage to your deep emotional pain. When you are stuck in the past, it is hard for you to grateful to the Lord for the smallest of things. You are in misery and have a demonic oppressive spirit. It’s a spirit of heaviness leading to depression and sadness and a broken heart. The demonic spirits are speaking and reminding you what others did to you. Not only that, if you are sick, it will not allow you to be well mentally. When your mind is sick, then your body can start to decay – the mind, body and soul connection is joined together. Every negative thought will release negative chemicals producing illness or disease.

How to Overcome Self-Pity and Depression:

The spirit of self-pity is a spiritual stronghold of thinking. Jesus came to set the captives free by renewing the mind. The first step is to make a list of all the negative thoughts you have. As you begin, God may bring to your mind painful memories that you’ve totally forgotten. Let God do this, even if it hurts. God is surfacing those painful memories so that you can face them once and for all time and then let them go forever. For every memory, pray the following:

Dear Father, I choose not to hold on to self-pity and the memories _____________(fill in the blank). I surrender my right to agree with self-pity and ask You to heal my damaged emotions. I choose to stop playing the past and take responsibility and cast down negative thoughts or replay my past hurts according to 2 Cor. 10:14-16. I choose to live in the present and not in the past. I choose to not walk as a victim but as a victor in you.

For example: I repent and renounce the spirit of self-pity depression, victimization spirits, heaviness, oppression, depression, rebellion, unforgiveness, resentment, retaliation, anger, wrath, hatred and violence. I repent and renounce self-unforgiveness, self-resentment, self-retaliation, self-anger, self-wrath, self-hatred, self-violence, self-murder, self-accusation, self-rejection, a spirit of fear, anxiety, stress, worry.

I bind and loose these spirits from their assignment and break its power off of my life in Jesus’ Name, Matthew 16:19. I command all known and unknown demonic spirits out of my life now in Jesus’ Name, Luke 10:19. I receive the Holy Spirit to wash me clean with Jesus shed blood, Revelation 12:11. Holy Spirit fill me with your spirit and your love to remove all barriers that have separated me from you, in Jesus Name, Romans 8:35-37. Thank you, Father, I receive your freedom, love and forgiveness. Amen.


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