Pastor Susan founded Embracing HIS Call with the purpose of teaching how to know God’s heart, to love unconditionally and to stand on God’s Word when facing challenges. She has embraced a prophetic ministry with the hope of encouraging, exhorting and comforting individuals to know they are accepted and there is hope in the midst of challenges. Her ministry embraces the prophetic, intercession, freedom and dream interpretation. Her desire is for everyone to smile at their future, to know their identity in Christ, to love like you’ve never been hurt, and to walk HIS Presence into their world.

God has graciously given Pastor Susan the opportunity to serve the body of Christ in many different countries, including Haiti, Mexico, Ethiopia & Australia: as well as the opportunity to teach Bible studies to spiritual daughters and children. With great joy, she enjoys praying, encouraging, and building the family of God up to know who they are in the Lord. She communicates with great energy, passion, warmth, and grace.

In spite of her busy schedule, most days you can find her spending quiet moments with the Lord early in the morning, hanging out at the beach, taking long walks, loving on children, grandchildren and their families, writing, reading, enjoying dear friends, and living by and modeling Embracing HIS Call.